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In order to give everyone an opportunity to schedule, I book at 6 different times of the year. On those dates, I book the two consecutive months after until it is completely full (for example, on April 1st I begin booking May/June, then on June 1st I book July/ August and so on and so forth. On booking days, I respond to emails as quickly as possible so I ask clients to set themselves a reminder and email me as early as possible on those days and they can secure a spot. By that evening, I have normally filled the next two months. 

The only exception to this booking policy is if a client is pursuing a tattoo that requires multiple sessions. With these clients, I allow them to book as far in advance as possible in order to reach full completion of their tattoo in a timely manner.

Booking dates are as follows:

February 1st

April 1st

June 1st

August 1st

October 1st

December 1st

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